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As you can see on the committee page our club has two social secretaries each tasked with representing their teams on the committee. Ben and I, however, were both elected on a platform of close integration between the teams that make up this great club. Enough of the policy though. Here are our plans for the coming year.

The womens polo team in Revs.
At the York races.
A strong UYSWC prescence at the awards dinner
Cops and Robbers Theme night.

The first term of university is an exciting time for freshers and if you make the wise decision to join either the swimming or water polo team, you will find yourself amongst a great bunch of people. Whilst playing sports at the highest of levels, most of us do not neglect our social lives. First term will be geared towards introducing all the newcomers into not only their respective teams, but also the rest of the club with a meal in York in the first few weeks. We will also have a few more close-knit events at one of the committee's homes. From personal experience (I arrived at the club last year) this is a fantastic way of breaking the ice with your new team mates. Our club are also regulars at the Wednesday sport nights in town, which always prove eventful. Themes from last year ranged from cops and robbers to zoo themes and whilst not giving much away, Ben and I have some great ideas in the pipeline.

Drinks with the club.
UYSWC on tour.
Smurfs fancy dress.
After a hard session.

By the end of first term, you will, without a shadow of a doubt, be fully incorporated members of the club. Aside from nights in town, we’ll be holding end of term meals throughout the year which have always proved great fun. Ben and I are also looking into socials that don’t involve York’s nightlife with paintball, pizza/movie nights and Yorkshire Dale camping trips amongst the ideas proposed. Also, although it is a long way off, the third term has a number of events such as York Sports Union Race day, the Sports Union Dinner and the Summer Ball which saw exceptionally strong UYSWC attendance. We also have an annual sport tour for club members which last year went to Lloret de Mar for six days.

This is just a brief introduction to what is, I feel comfortable in saying, one of the most sociable and welcoming clubs on campus. The only thing left to say is your first year at university has the potential to be one of the best in your life, provided you throw yourself into everything. I strongly recommend both those with experience or none at all to come along and try your hand at water polo or swimming. I know I regret only joining in my third year. We look forward to seeing you in the autumn.

Your UYSWC social secretaries xx

Announcements regarding social events will be made on our socials Facebook page.

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