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President - Nisha Desai

Nisha Desai

Hi I’m Nisha, I’m a third-year student studying Environmental Sciences. I have been in the swim team for the last 2 years and was Vice President last year. This year I will be President and my role is mainly to ensure smooth running of all aspects of the club, from bookings and standard of sessions to the wellbeing of all members and overseeing the committee. UYSWC has been a huge part of my time at York and I would thoroughly recommend anyone who is considering it to join. If you have any questions about the club please do not hesitate to ask and I will try to help or point you to the right person.

To contact Nisha you can email president@uyswc.co.uk

Vice President - Lauren Palmer-Jones

Lauren Palmer-Jones

Hi, I’m Lauren a second-year chemist from Goodricke. I joined the swim team last year and it was genuinely one of the best decisions I made and something I’d definitely recommend. This year I’ll be responsible for organising charity events, including our annual charity swim, sponsorship, the general running of the club, and (most importantly) tour. Tour is a great experience to get to know the rest of the team, so make sure to get involved, as it is often the highlight of the year. For any questions about anything feel free to drop me an email.

To contact Lauren you can email vicepresident@uyswc.co.uk

Water Polo Treasurer - Georgia Davies

Georgia Davies

Hi, my name is Georgia and I am a third year Economics and Finance student from Constantine college. I am Waterpolo treasurer for the upcoming year, so I will be responsible for ordering kit and ensuring the fees are up-to-date. I joined Waterpolo at the start of my second year and have really enjoyed playing this year, along with meeting so many new people. Please message me if you have any questions!

To contact Georgia you can email treasurer@uyswc.co.uk

Swimming Treasurer - Tim Bagguley

Tim Bagguley

Hi, I’m Tim, this year’s swimming treasurer and in the final year of my PhD. After a few years away from competitive swimming it has been great to get back into training and I’ve really enjoyed being involved with everything the club gets up to from BUCS and roses to the charity swim and socials. Working alongside the water polo treasurer and rest of the committee, my role includes making sure invoices are paid, sorting out memberships and organising kit orders as well as ensuring the club sticks to its budget for the year. If you have any questions, just drop me an email.

To contact Tim you can email treasurer@uyswc.co.uk

Men's Swimming Captain - Fraser Brydon

Fraser Brydon

I’m Fraser, a third year studying Economics from Halifax college. UYSWC is a great environment to continue your swimming once you come to uni. We are a strong and motivated team with a number of high level swimmers. Despite this, there is a very lighthearted and fun atmosphere at training aswell as the opportunities of weekly socials. Being part of our team gives you a great platform to improve and meet some great people. If you have any questions feel free to contact us and we look forward to welcoming you in the coming year.

To contact Fraser you can email swimming@uyswc.co.uk

Women's Swimming Captain - Becky Britten

Becky Britten

I’m Becky and I am the Women’s Swimming Captain. I am going into my third year studying psychology. Being part of UYSWC has made my university experience what it is, and I whole-heartedly encourage everyone to get involved. Here at York, we have a competitive swim squad which train and compete together, as well as a fitness squad for those who want to take a more relaxed approach to swimming. My job as captain is to motivate the team, help run training and select/organise teams for competitions. Out of the pool, the girls are all very close as we enjoy socialising together and with other members of UYSWC. We pride ourselves on creating an inclusive atmosphere and a ‘family-feel’ among the team, so we are very excited to welcome new members! If you have any questions about swimming at York, or just want to get in touch for a chat, drop me an email anytime.

To contact Becky you can email swimming@uyswc.co.uk

Men's Water Polo Captain - Peter Dowsett

Peter Dowsett

Hi, I'm Pete, a third-year PPE student and I've been playing water polo since I was in school. Water polo is a great sport for any current and ex-swimmers, it's a physical, fast-paced game and a great sport to balance around uni and social life. Feel free to message with any questions.

To contact Pete you can email polo@uyswc.co.uk

Women's Water Polo Captain - Verity McCoy

Verity McCoy

Hello everyone, I’m Verity the women’s waterpolo captain. I’m about to go into my second year at York studying psychology in education and have been on the York waterpolo team since joining year. I’ve been playing water polo for a number of years and I’m also a qualified coach so I’m hoping this experience will help me be a great captain. Waterpolo is really fun and a great way to make friends and be part of a team. I can’t encourage people enough to come along, whether you have played before or not, it’s a fantastic sport with even better people! I’m happy to answer any questions and am looking forward to another successful year with UYSWC.

To contact Verity you can email polo@uyswc.co.uk

Social Secretary - Jade Brewer

Jade Brewer

Hey I’m Jade, your swimming social sec for the year. I’m currently in my 2nd year studying Maths and have already fallen in love with this amazing club. I’ll be working alongside Emily organising your messy Wednesday night seshes all year round as well as end of year meals, sober socials and making sure everyone has an amazing time on tour. Make sure to keep up to date with what’s going on with the UYSWC Socials page and don’t be afraid to ask me any other questions you may have.

To contact Jade you can email social@uyswc.co.uk

Social Secretary - Emily Saxton

Emily Saxton

Hey, I'm Emily your new Water Polo social sec. I'm a 2nd year studying Chemistry, and I'll be working with Jade to make sure you get as involved in the club as possible!! We organise the themed Wednesday night socials (which you make as messy as you fancy), where you'll get to know the club outside of the pool!! I hope to see you in September for a sick year, if you've got any questions let me know xx

To contact Emily you can email social@uyswc.co.uk

Press and Publicity - Jodie Alder

Jodie Alder

Hi, I’m Jodie! I’ll be the press and publicity officer for this year. I’m in my third year studying Education. I’ll be keeping the website up to date with all the information you need to know about the club, including kit, committee, records and any other achievements made by the club! I will also be running the Facebook, Twitter and Instagram keeping you all up to date! Look forward to meeting you all this year.

To contact Jodie you can email media@uyswc.co.uk

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