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President - Katherine Newton

Katherine Newton

Hi I'm Katherine, I'm a fourth-year Chemist in Alcuin college. I have been on the water polo team since first year and for the past two years I have also been the water polo treasurer for the club. This year I will be president and my role is mainly to ensure smooth running of all aspects of the club, from bookings and standard of sessions to wellbeing of all members and overseeing the committee. UYSWC has been a huge part of my time at York and I would thoroughly recommend anyone who is considering it to join. Any questions about anything related to the club please do not hesitate to ask and I will try to help or point you to the right person.

To contact Katherine you can email president@uyswc.co.uk

Vice President - Nisha Desai

Nisha Desai

Hi, I’m Nisha. I’m a second-year student studying Environmental Sciences from Goodricke College. As Vice President, I will be organising our annual Easter Tour, which is one of the highlights of the year, so make sure you book on and look out for regular updates on Facebook. I am also in charge of running our charity events so again look out for updates and events that I post on Facebook; it’s a great opportunity to try something new and get involved in worthy causes. As well as Tour and Charity events I am also involved in the general running of the club, so if you have any questions about anything, do not hesitate to contact me and I will help you in any way I can or point you in the right direction.

To contact Nisha you can email vicepresident@uyswc.co.uk

Water Polo Treasurer - Annie Clark-Massey

Annie Clark-Massey

Hi, I’m Annie, a third-year Chemist from Derwent College. As your Water Polo treasurer for the year ahead, I’ll oversee distributing kit and ensuring fee payments are kept up to date. I’m quite new to Women’s Polo, but I do have a background in competitive swimming which is how I joined the club. If you have any queries or need to get in touch feel free to email me.

To contact Annie you can email treasurer@uyswc.co.uk

Swimming Treasurer - Rachel Spooner

Rachel Spooner

Hi, I'm Rachel and I am a second-year Chemist and am UYSWC's swimming treasurer. I have been in the women's competitive swim team for a year now and have competed in many of the competitions that are held throughout the year. Being swimming treasurer means I help the club to stick to our budget, put in kit orders and organise club memberships among other things. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask!

To contact Rachel you can email treasurer@uyswc.co.uk

Men's Swimming Captain - Peter Schlichter

Peter Schlichter

I’m Peter, a third-year chemist from Derwent College. Swimming has been a vital part of my life for my whole school career, moving onto to University saw no change away from this. Being part of a university sports team is a fantastic opportunity to push yourself beyond what you thought you could and to meet new people, widening your friendship circle. It’s an opportunity that cannot be surpassed. UYSWC training sessions are fun and enjoy, yet keeps its usefulness with an encouraging hard working team. Being Men’s Swimming Captain, it is my job to ensure that this balance is maintained and that everyone enjoys working with the rest of the team, to ensure the best team environment. If you have any questions regarding the Men’s Swim Team don’t hesitate to email me.

To contact Peter you can email swimming@uyswc.co.uk

Women's Swimming Captain - Ellie Griffin

Ellie Griffin

Hi I’m Ellie and I’m the women’s swimming captain. I’m in my second year studying French & Italian. I’ve been swimming competitively for about 12 years so I’m pretty passionate about it. I can honestly say that you won’t find a better club at university than UYSWC. We are very competitive, having reached several BUCS finals (our main university competitions) in recent years, but we are also the most fun and chilled club on campus. Everyone is extremely supportive and friendly and act as a second family, which is another of the many reasons to get involved! My role mainly involves sorting out and entering teams for competitions, motivating the team to perform their best at both training sessions and competitions and being a point of contact for any issues you may have, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch and drop me an email!

To contact Ellie you can email swimming@uyswc.co.uk

Men's Water Polo Captain - Sam Timpany

Sam Timpany

Hey, I'm Sam and I am the Men's Water Polo captain for this year! I'm just going into my third year, studying education. I only started playing polo when I joined when I came to uni 2 years ago having been a competitive swimmer during my school days. It's a great team sport and I would encourage anyone who is thinking about doing a sport this year to come down and try it out!

To contact Sam you can email polo@uyswc.co.uk

Women's Water Polo Captain - Ellie Roche

Ellie Roche

Hello everyone, I’m Ellie the women’s waterpolo captain. I'm currently entering my master’s year in Biology, am in Alcuin college and have been on the York waterpolo team since 1st year. Waterpolo is “gallons” of fun and a great way to make friends and be part of a team. I can’t encourage people enough to come along, whether you have played before or not, it’s a fantastic sport with even better people! I’m happy to answer any questions and am looking forward to another successful year with UYSWC.

To contact Ellie you can email polo@uyswc.co.uk

Social Secretary - Rebecca Britten

Rebecca Britten

Hi, I’m Becky, a second-year Psychology student, and one of UYSWC’s Social Secretaries for the upcoming year. I have the role of organising weekly socials as well as other events for members of the club to come together, get to know each other and have fun. When The Club goes on tour this year, Pete and I will be Tour Justices, which makes us responsible for ensuring everyone has a good time on tour. If you have any questions or just want to get in touch, drop me an email.

To contact Rebecca you can email social@uyswc.co.uk

Social Secretary - Peter Dowsett

Peter Dowsett

I'm Peter, a second-year PPE student from Derwent College, and I've been playing water polo for four years. It's Becky and I's role to organise the most important session of the week; the social. Check out the socials page for updates on events or message me if you want to know more about UYSWC socials.

To contact Peter you can email social@uyswc.co.uk

Press and Publicity - Jacob Mortlock Williams

Jacob Mortlock Williams

Hi, I’m Jacob, a third-year Chemist from Derwent College. I’ve been swimming since a very early age, which has led me to joining UYSWC since coming to York. My role with Press and Publicity is to ensure that the Club’s website is kept updated and ensure that Gala and Match results are available to all. I’m also in charge of running all of the Club’s social media platforms, to ensure that information about the club is available to everyone as quickly as possible. If you need any information, don’t hesitate to contact me via email or through any of the Club’s social media platforms.

To contact Jacob you can email media@uyswc.co.uk

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